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Performance program during This Art Fair Amsterdam

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In the live program Guidelines, new relationships between science and rituals in society are explored with performance art. In the past year, science has determined our actions more than ever. We base our behaviour, our rules and routines on statements by the OMT. From sneezing in the elbow to keeping your distance – science has never been more tangible in our lives. Our behavior is therefore increasingly determined by data. That which first determined our behavior—routine, regularity, and ritual—must clear the way for science. 

At the same time, science also stimulates the imagination. For example, large groups of people do reenactments of historical battles and science fiction is a popular genre among writers and film makers. Activists such as Black Lives Matter and Extinction Rebelion also use science as a guideline in their protest. And well-known artists such as ORLAN, Stelarc and Cassils create works of art based on scientific knowledge and new technology. These movements in art and in society create new rituals, actions that question or, on the contrary, confirm our social identity. Perhaps science has been determining our actions for years?

In their work, ten performers explore how this influences our actions in general and our daily rituals in particular. They make visible how rituals arise and change through scientific insight. How do these relate to each other? What place does scientific knowledge occupy in everyday life? In other words; where is the boundary between science and ritual, and how do they influence each other today and in the future.

Performance at This Art Fair

For the upcoming edition of This Art Fair, P.S. Performance Site has been invited to put together a program for the fair. This part of the public program is also in line with our goals for the fringe programme. Performance events – organized by P.S. – showed that a diverse audience (in age, background, gender, etc.) is interested in this art form, without prior knowledge of the medium or the artist. This makes performance events easily accessible and P.S. appeals to the public who are less likely to visit a gallery or museum. This encourages P.S. to program in places where the flow of visitors is high and the threshold is low. This Art Fair is one such place.


The artists who will perform during the live program Guidelines are Nina Boas, Sarah Atzori, Cemre Kara, Jiaojiao Li, Jolanda Jansen, Kamila Wolszczak, Keeley Haftnerand, Kirsten Heshusius, Ronald Bal and Sól Ey. The artists mainly show site-specific performances.

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