Documentation Lectures ID

Sanne van Driel, Video still: Sara Russo

Evening lectures and artist talks at Stichting Ruimtevaart Den Haag

Friday, June 28th, 7:00-10:00 pm

7:00 PM: Hsiang-Yun

8:00PM: Mohammed Al-Jaf

9:00 PM: Marilyn Arsem


Sunday, June 30th, 7:00-10:00 pm

7:00 PM: Sanne van Driel

8:00 PM: Peter Baren

9:00 PM: Andrea Pagnes (VestAndPage)



By Marilyn Arsem and VestAndPage

Stuart Hall outlines in the essay “Cultural Identity and Diaspora” (1990) that modern identities are no longer fixed but emerge as “unstable points of identification or suture, which are made within the discourses of history and culture.” In his words, life stories are not determined exclusively by class, race, gender, and religion, but instead there is a mixed ancestry; an identification with diversity in countries, traditions, values and beliefs. While the raised global interactions are causing a re-evaluation of traditions and lifestyles, an awareness of individual and collective change springs from the urgency to find new modes of shaping our identities and life stories. Performativity as a language calls for continuous transformation and functions as a form of social action, while contemporary performance art as a logical art form shapes, communicates, confirms and honours the value of differing life stories in multiple contexts.

Hsiang-Yun, Photo: Jolanda Jansen

Hsiang-Yun (Taiwan)

In her lecture, Hsiang-Yun will introduce the issue of Taiwanese identity from both a theoretical and artistic lens. Firstly, through a post-colonial framework she will introduce the complex post-war political situation in Asia which has shaped identities on the island in fundamental ways. Secondly, she will introduce a group of contemporary Taiwanese artists whose works target identity, and Hsiang-Yun’s own developing website-art project in collaboration with Chen Jhen, Ultra Combos and others: Ucrhonia – An alternative historical method, where they explore the issue of identity through languages of media and collective storytelling.


Mohammed Al-Jaf, Photo: Jolanda Jansen

Mohammed Al-Jaf

Mohammed Al-Jaf is a member of Humanity House Den Haag. Born in an Iraqi middle-class family with Iranian, Kurdish and Arabic origins, and great value to norms based on education and belief. He entered the Netherlands as a refugee, followed by dual identity’s assimilating both cultures. Aldo, his integration went smoothly, he learned from society and politics, the situation where there are too many or too few identities for a person to which he can commit, as a result of which the signed identity paints an unclear picture of the personal identity and thereby can create distorted views and self-image.


Marilyn Arsem, Photo: Jolanda Jansen

Marilyn Arsem (USA)

Marilyn Arsem will speak about how your identity changes as you grow older and work within different communities.


Sanne van Driel, Video still: Sara Russo

Sanne van Driel (NL)

Sanne van Driel is the name stated on my passport, which I am rarely asked to identify myself with, due to a combination of skin color, cis woman appearance, inconspicuous behavior, class and age. (This was different when I was 12 years old waiting in line for disco-bar-dancings. Of all the identity marking lines, age might have been the most crushing one in my formative years. It taught me it is not about the number but what the number in- or excludes you from.)

On Facebook my name is Sanne la Sense, I am a 113 year old widow with no friends. Am I a philosopher, a researcher, a mess, all or nothing of that, I’m not sure. But I have something to share and discuss with you about identity, taught to me by someone from an era when the Panopticon was still an offline prison.


Peter Baren, Video still: Sara Russo

Peter Baren [NL]

SILHOUETTES LIKE SHIVERING ANCIENT FEELINGS. The presentation will be larded with fleeting examples from my performance practice. They are witnesses of ever changing identities between social actions and behavior outlet.


Andrea Pagnes, Video still: Jolanda Jansen

Andrea Pagnes (VestAndPage) (IT/DE)

Conceptions and misconceptions of identity, gender trouble and social progress by Andrea Pagnes (VestAndPage)
If I don’t define myself for myself,  I would be crushed into other’s fantasies of myself and eaten alive,” poet and civil rights activist Audre Lorde once wrote. Yet, is my identity whatever I want it to be? Is it only subjectively defined or is it shaped by more complex cultural negotiations?

The lecture will be followed by a short introduction to Project ID Study Movie Room.

Documentation De Helena

Daz Disley (UK) Fenia Kotsopoulou (UK), Photograph by Jaques Martens

Live performance program Project ID

Live Performances: July 6th, 7:00-11:00 pm at De Helena, Helena van Doeverenplantsoen 3, the Hague.


Invited artists:

Photographs by Jaques Martens, Fenia Kotsopoulou and Aldo Aliprandi

Jessica van Deursen (NL)

Exactly four weeks after giving birth, I reflected with this performance, on my year long journey towards becoming a mother. Overcoming yet another day, and all it’s collateral tedious little tasks with grace, seemed like the biggest achievement, I could have ever done. Entering a different realm. The senses altered. Body took over. And day by day, fear slowly dissolved into knowing how to trust.


Marcel Sparmann (DE)

Kirsten Heshusius (NL)

Daz Disley (UK) Fenia Kotsopoulou (UK) and Andrea Pagnes (IT/DE)

Residency Artists:

Photographs by Jaques Martens, Fenia Kotsopoulou and Aldo Aliprandi

Fay Burnett (UK)

Hsiang-Yun Huang (Taiwan)

Yuki Kobayashi (Japan), Sandra Stanionyte (NL)

Carole Novak (FR)

Danielle Brans (NL), Lise Boucon (FR/UK)

Gamze Ozturk (Turkey), Carmen Lafran (DE/IT)

Philemon Mukarno (Indonesia/NL), Ingrid Adriaans (NL), Tess Martens (Canada)

Andrea van Gelder (NL)



Documentation Performance Opera

Emilio Rojas (US), Photograph by Jacques Martens

Group performance

July 5th 2019, 8:00 -11:00 pm at Maakhaven, 1e Lulofsdwarsstraat 60, the Hague.

With the expression performance opera we don’t intend to define performances,which are mainly choreographedor structured a priori in every part. Our stance is that a performance should always remain open to the unpredictability of process, even though methodologically well-reflectedand organised. As it was for the alchemists engaging in their philosophical quest, a performance opera is a vision and the result of a creative process, there in the space where it takes place, the laboratory to play out new challenges. (VestAndPage)

VIDEO:  ID In-between identities Collective performance
                 Public restitution of the residency, compilation of 3h performance


Residency Class                                                                                                                                                                                           Photographs by Philemon Mukarno


Performance Opera Opening                                                                                                    Photographs by Jacques Martens, Fenia Kotsopoulou, Aldo Aliprandi

Danielle Brans (NL)

Carmen Lafran (DE/IT)

Andrea van Gelder (NL)

Hsiang-Yun Huang (Taiwan)

Gamze Ozturk (Turkey)

Ingrid Adriaans (NL) Oozing Gloop (UK)


Fay Burnett (UK)

Tess Martens (Canada)

Philemon Mukarno (Indonesia/NL)

Larysa Bauge (BY/NL)

Yvette Teeuwen (NL)

Carol Montealegre (Bogotá/ Colombia)

Yuki Kobayashi / 小林勇輝n (Japan)

Carole Novak (FR)

Emilio Rojas (US)


Documentation De Barthkapel

Sara Simeoni, (DE), Andrigo & Aliprandi (IT), Photograph by  Ronald Bal

Live performance program Project ID

Live Performances: July 7th, 6:30 – 11:00 pm at De Barthkapel, Brouwersgracht 2K, the Hague.

Peter Baren (NL)

co-performer Imke Zijnstra

Photographs by Jacques Martens

Miranda Meijer (NL)

Photographs by Jacques Martens and Ronald Bal

Yvette Teeuwen (NL)

Photographs by Jacques Martens and Ronald Bal

Larysa Bauge (BY, NL)

Photographs by Jacques Martens and Ronald Bal

Sara Simeoni (DE)

Photographs by Jacques Martens and Ronald Bal

Andrigo & Aliprandi (IT)

Photographs by Jacques Martens and Ronald Bal

Emilio Rojas (US) and Carol Montealegre (Bogotá/ Colombia)

Photographs by Jacques Martens

Documentation Study Movie Room

Overview exhibition; RON ATHEY, Franko B, STELARC 

With the cultural contribution of LADA – Live Art Development Agency, at PROJECT ID – In Between Identities VestAndPage, Performance Site Den Haag and Ruimtevaart Den Haag organise a Study Movie Room consisting of performances on video by eminent and groundbreaking artists whose practices address crucial issues of our contemporaneity.

Subversions of identity are here expressed through lived experiences of illness, suffered abuse, addiction, self-harm, pain, animalistic impulses or addressing topics such as migration, gender trouble, feminism, representations of the ageing body, applied sciences, new technologies, the nature of time and what can happen when the performer involves the audiences to be complicit in challenging embodied actions.

All these works appear to be performed for the sake of progress and freedom, for art and for agency in a “quest for identity” driven by the artists’ urgency to contravene staled ways of thinking and obsolete norms detrimental to our social evolution. Political concerns are, in fact, either openly or intimately entwined to the philosophical, the personal, the psychological, the scientific and the spiritual. Here the artist’s body serves as a tool that tells of civil disobedience and poetic resistance to mark our time. Now and again it becomes a site of experimental research to express “that which” is most profoundly human to look at our life and the future from new perspectives and ultimately love – even though sometimes to the extreme.

PROJECT ID – In Between Identities | Study Movie Room presented:

  1. OUCHAn Anthology on Pain and Performance 
    Video review curated by LADA
    With works by Marina Abramović, Marcel·lí Antunez Roca, Ron Athey, Franko B, Wafaa Bilal, Rocio Boliver, Cassils, Bob Flanagan, Regina José Galindo, jamie lewis hadley, Nicola Hunter & Ernst Fischer, Oleg Kulik, Martin O’Brien, Kira O’Reilly, Petr Pavlensky.
  2. In Between Identities
    Video review curated by VestAndPage
    With works by Marilyn Arsem, Ron Athey, Franko B, Wafaa Bilal, Bob Flanagan, Norbert Klassen, Yoko Ono, Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Stelarc, VestAndPage.

July 5th 12-6 pm, July 6th and 7th 12-11 pm at Ruimtevaart, Helena van Doeverenplantsoen 3, The Hague.

Previous versions of OUCH have been shown at Martin O’Brien’s Discharge in January 2013, the Wellcome Collection’s In Pursuit of Pain in July 2016 and the VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK Fragile Body – Material Body in December 2016. Please note that the screening contains documentation of some historical performances for which the films are of variable quality.

Performance Site Den Haag, Ruimtevaart Den Haag and VestAndPage are deeply grateful to all of the featured artists, Jon Hendricks, Boris Nieslony, Sheree Rose, Janez Janša, LADA and its director Lois Keidan for their invaluable, generous cultural support.

Short overview, below all video works:


OUCH– An Anthology on Pain and Performance

Video review curated by LADA

‘Rhythm 0 Documentary’ 1974, 2013, 3’07”

Marina Abramovic, Rhythm 0 (1974), Photograph by Jolanda Jansen

Epizoo, 1994, 8’29”

Marcel.Lí Antúnez Roca, Epizoo (1994), Photograph by Jolanda Jansen

Ron’s Story, 2001, 4’44”

Ron Athey, Ron’s Story, Still from the video. A film created by Janez Janša of Aksioma, Slovenia, 2001, with original music by BAST, Photograph by Jolanda Jansen

Don’t Leave Me This Way, 2007, 5’18”

Franko B, Don’t Leave Me This Way (2009). Photograph by Jolanda Jansen

On ‘Shoot An Iraqi’, 2007, 2’21”

Wafaa Bilal, On ‘Shoot an Iraqi’ (2007), Photograph by Connie van Driel

Times Go By and I Can’t Forget You: Between Menopause and Old Age, 2013, 4’18”

Rocío Boliver, Times Go By and I Can’t Forget You, Photograph by Jolanda Jansen

The Powers That Be, 2016, 2’24”

Cassils, The Power That Be (2015), Photograph by Jolanda Jansen

Cystic Fibrosis Song, 1990s, 1’32”

Bob Flanagan, Cystic Fibrosis Song. Extract from the 1997 film Sick: The Life and Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist, Photograph by Jolanda Jansen

Lucha, 2002, 3’37”

Regina José Galindo, Lucha (2002) Photograph by Jolanda Jansen

jamie lewis hadley (UK)
this rose made of leather, 2012, 9’10”

jamie lewis hadley, This Rose Made Of Leather (2012) Photograph by Jolanda Jansen

Passion/Flower, 2012, 4’02”

Nicola Hunter and Ernst Fischer, Passion/Flower (2012), Photograph by Jolanda Jansen

Dog House, 1996, 4’10”

Oleg Kulik, Dog House (1996), Photograph by Jolanda Jansen

Taste of Flesh/Bite me I’m Yours, 2015, 2’59”

Martin O’Brien, Taste of Flesh/Bite me I’m Yours. Photograph by Jolanda Jansen

Kira O’Reilly (UK/Ireland)
Wet Cup, 2000, 2’29

Kira O’Reilly (UK/Ireland) Wet Cup, 2000, 2’29, Photograph by Jolanda Jansen

Radical Artist In Court – Ukraine Today News Item, 2015, 1’57”

Petr Pavelnsky, Radical Artist in Court: Pavlensky, Photograph by Jolanda Jansen



Overview exhibition; RON ATHEY, Franko B, STELARC 

In Between Identities

Video review curated by VestAndPage

100 Ways to Consider Time, 2015, 8’18’’

Marilyn Arsem, 100 Ways to Consider Time. Day 10: Melting (2015), Photograph by Jolanda Jansen

Forest – Jon John Estate Cut, directed by Ron Athey, 2018, 10’25’’

Ron Athey, Forest – Jon John Estate Cut (2018), Photograph by Connie van Driel

Milk & Blood, 2015, 43’08

Franko B, Milk & Blood (2015), video still

3rdi, 2010-2011, 8’39’’

Wafaa Bilal, 3rdi (2010), Photograph by Jolanda Jansen

Why?, 1985, 3’33’’

Bob Flanagan, Why? (1985), Photograph by Jolanda Jansen

Welcome to the Third World, 2004, 1’35’’

Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Welcome to the Third World (2004), Photograph by Jolanda Jansen

Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Welcome to the Third World (2004), Photograph by Connie van Driel

Untitled, 2009, 16’17’’

Norbert Klassen, Untitled (2009), Photograph by Connie van Driel

YOKO ONO (Nutopia)
CUT PIECE, 1964/1965, 8’27”
CUT PIECE, 1964/2003, 46’5”

YOKO ONO (Nutopia), CUT PIECE, 1964/1965, 8’27”, CUT PIECE, 1964/2003, 46’5”, Photograph by Jolanda Jansen

STELARC (Cyprus/Australia)
Ear On Arm Suspension, 2015, 8’18’’

Stelarc, Ear On Arm Suspension (2015) Photograph by Jolanda Jansen

VESTANDPAGE (Germany/Italy)
Can You Hear Me / I Am Just Going Outside (Extracts from the film sin∞fin), 2012, 4’32’’ / 2’37”

VestAndPage, sin∞fin – Performances at the Core of the Looking-Glass (2012), Photograph by Jolanda Jansen