Saturday February 16th!!!!!

Location: Helena van Doeverenplantsoen 3, Den Haag, Nederland

Time: 15.00

VestAndPage: Andrea Pagnes and Verena Stenke will visit us to present the cooperation project ID that will run from June 24th till July 7th in The Hague.

Project ID is a temporary creative community working with global issues of ‘identity Crisis’. Together with VestAndPage we will create a visual save space to create live solo and group performances. Marilyn Arsem will be our guest artist working with VestAndPage on the project.

From the investigation of the notion of ‘identity crisis’ in our social systems, our urgency is to identify new life perspectives collectively through art and performance art making processes. The aim is to stimulate and intertwine proactive dialogues among artists, people, and cultural communities in general, considering art as a foremost sensitizing tool of communication.
Our mission is therefore to favour independent, temporarily binding relationships among artists, people and different cultural communities, which can lead to long-term networks existing, growing and lasting even after the conclusion of the project itself.

VestAndPage are the organizers of

_Residency Program: June 24th – July 3th
_Lectures and Artist Talks: June 28th and June 30th in the evening
_Live Art and Performance Program: July 5th till July 7th

presentation of Project ID:
1. An overview on the topics that Project ID will undertake
2. Project ID artist in residence program
3. Live Art Event
4. P.S. mission and purpose

(Event will only happen if there is enough funding)`