Sam Ford, IPA Bristol 2015, photo: Jürgen Fritz

History of IPA

IPA is an international performance art workshop which travels across Europe each year and takes place in chosen cities. IPA stands for International Performance Association, there’s nothing else quite like it.
Founded by Jurgen Fritz in 2006, IPA supported 278 artists from 34 different nations, with workshop run by international artists including Jurgen Fritz (Germany), Boris Nieslony (Germany), Monali Meher (India), Alastair MacLennan (Ireland), Adina Bar-On (Israel), Arti Grabowski (Poland), Klara Schilliger and Valerian Maly (CH), Elvira Santamaria Torres (Mexico), Kira O´Reilly (UK), Bartolomé Ferrando (Spain), He Chengyao (China), Ray Langenbach (Malaysia), Lynn Lu (Singapore/UK), Roi Vaara, (Finland), Nezaket Ekici (Turkey/Germany), Rocio Boliver (Mexico), Zierle and Carter (UK) and Vest and Page (Italy/Germany)

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he International Performance Association (IPA) 

is an expanding network of process oriented artists, devoted to cultural awareness through the professional practice of performance art. IPA strives to provide a platform for such artists from all over the globe to exchange ideas and initiate progress in the world of performance art. Founded as IPAH e.V. in 2006, we have formed a series of workshops, performance festivals and meetings that encourage the development of participants‘ artistic endeavors.
In 2012 the original organization was split. IPAH e.V. still remains in Hildesheim/Germany. The original IPAH Summercamp and the Platform For Young Performance Artists is from now on organized by IPA, seated in Hanau/Germany, under the new title IPA Summer. In 2012, IPA Istanbul was established as partner organizations.




Jürgen Fritz

is the artistic director of the IPA Summer. Since the founding of IPAH e.V. he is instrumental in the design and implementation of all events.1982 – 1990 he worked as a theater director, curator and actor, since 1984 as performance artist. He is co-founder of Black Market International, since the beginning of this international Cooperation of Performance Artists with whom he works since 1985. He showed his performances in all countries of Europe, the USA, Canada, Mexico Asia and Australia. Since 2012 he lives as free lance artist in Hanau, Germany. He is co- founder of the International Performance Association (IPAH, registered association) and artistic director of the festival of performance art ZOOM!, co-founder and co-organizer of the Platform for Young Performance Artists and the IPA Summer. Since 1995 he is a lecturer in performance art at different Universities in Germany.