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P.S. – This is Live! The Poetic in performance art

P.S. – this is Live explores the poetic in performance art by interrogating: how can a performance artist approach the poetry of live action? How can we make something poetic visible? The quality of the topic might be alluring, sensitive, soft or, on the contrary, heavy, dramatic and dark. At the same time, the poetry of the topic can be humorous and absurd, gloomy and obscure or light and ephemeral. P.S. explores different aspects of live action: rhythm, repetition, the symbolism of words, actions and objects.

Performances by Sonja B Berg (FR) and Illias Liosatos (GR), Aino Sirje (, Carole Novak, Carol Montealegre, Michael Barrett (US), BBB Johannes Deimling (DE)

Sonja B Berg and Illias Liosatos pictures Jolanda Jansen

“Forgetting/L’oubli” is a performance, a micro-scale socio-political laboratory. We seek to interactaround this progressive process that increasingly characterizes the evolution of our society andthe world around us. Is “forgetfulness” an unconsciously collective ritual, a sharing out of time, a transition to “here and now”? It is perhaps, simply a temporal experience, in a given space, that impacts a whole life, beliefs, and ideologies. “Forgetting” implies our gaze towards oneself and towards others; it amplifies the sensation of absence or presence in an instant.
We want to share with others (the public / visitors) an obscure (black) space, to explore the sensations that link time and body, memories and presence, memories and society, memoriesand politics.

Aino Sirje pictures by Jürgen Fritz

Fantasy is a real emotion!
I ́m interested in a research of identity, gender fluidness and queer in terms of art. Playing with gender roles and with pop and club culture has been my topics over the time I have been researching performance art. I ́m also interested in repetitive behavior, durational actions, public interactions and site-specific interventions. Modern poetry and literature, dance and video art are main sources of my artistic inspiration.

Carole Novak pictures by Jürgen Fritz

Elle est intéressée par l’exploration de l’altérité, de la relation avec le spectateur et cherche à le
rencontrer de manière plus horizontale, plus fragile. Pour ce faire elle installe un rapport de
grande intimité avec lui afin de se mettre dans une situation de fragilité en créant des
installations-performances dans lesquelles le spectateur est nécessaire au fonctionnement du
dispositif. Tout tourne autour de lui, son rôle est indispensable, cela permet ainsi de casser les
rapports de hiérarchie souvent inhérents au ‘spectacle vivant’ et à ses codes habituels : la
scène et le 4ème mur. Chacune des deux parties (artiste/spectateur) peut ainsi faire cette
expérience de fragilité et d’intimité. Par ce biais, elle espère parvenir à une plus grande
réceptivité dans leurs échanges.

Carol Montealegre pictures by Floris Duijvestein

While studying Anthropology, she discovered contemporary dance by chance and felt the need to fuse the
visual arts with the body. Through her training in contact dance, improvisation and physical theater, she
realized that she wanted to develop a conceptual and experimental approach to movement. In 2010, she
studied in Mexico receiving an MA in visual arts for her thesis The permanency of the ephemeral in which
she sought to rescue the existential sense of time as an experience of a permanent present that tends to be
forgotten in our becoming and remembering. Performance is a potent force in that reconciliation.
In her work she desires to do the following:

-Bring together an attentiveness to place, an austere command of physical movement and tension, and a
generous engagement with the dynamics of the personal and impersonal.

-Create an experience approaching collective trance, in which the restrained and finely honed intensity
spills into a heightened intimacy, touching and changing everyone present.

-Improve the ability to affect how others view the world and operate within it with profound endurance and
grace, motivated by a generous approach to human interaction.

-Experience another world together through thought provoking events, overriding the idea of performance,
and causing people to submerge into reality.

-Take challenging political ideas and create beautiful and bizarre still images from them.

-Make objects become extensions of the body rather than filling props.

-Develop the ability to create surrealistic images out of nothing.

Michael Barrett pictures by Floris Duijvestein

You Might Know Him

Type – Lecture Performance
Time – 1 hour
Concept – Regarding gender and generational constructs within the workplace, house-hold, and family structure. Includes a discussion with the audience, spoken word, singing, story-telling.


BBB Johannes Deimling pictures by Jolanda Jansen and Floris Duijvestein

‘it won’t always grow back #11’

To present complex contents, situations and moments in a simple and elementary way is a signature of the art of BBB Johannes Deimling: the term ‘Performance Art Povera’ describes his works. The ‘acted images [agierteBilder]’ of the artist are initially created purely visual, but gradually access to all the senses to create a holistic view on the banalities of everyday life with all its changes.
With a deep interest in the aesthetics and transformational potential of materials and objects, BBB Johannes Deimling enters the performative field with a purely visual approach. Deimling suggests “it is not the action that makes the performance, but the quality of an image created in combination with materials, objects and action in correspondence with space and time”.
The artist continuously invites a dialogue between other art forms including poetry, sculpture, architecture, dance, sound, and drawing. Deimling’s performative Collages are a forum for interdisciplinary discourses where performance is used as tool for communication where viewers are invited to take part in the performative process.

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