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P.S. – This is Live! The Poetic in performance art

P.S. – this is Live explores the poetic in performance art by interrogating: how can a performance artist approach the poetry of live action? How can we make something poetic visible? The quality of the topic might be alluring, sensitive, soft or, on the contrary, heavy, dramatic and dark. At the same time, the poetry of the topic can be humorous and absurd, gloomy and obscure or light and ephemeral. P.S. explores different aspects of live action: rhythm, repetition, the symbolism of words, actions and objects.

Performances by Jolijn de Wolf (NL) http://www.jolijndewolf.nl/blog/, Linde Gadellaa (NL) http://www.lindegadellaa.nl/, Yvette Teeuwen (NL) http://www.yvetteeuwen.nl/, Sarah Atzori (IT) https://azzurrasarah.com/about/, Heekyung Ryu (KOR) https://www.heekyung8ryu.com/365breathing, Jürgen Fritz (DE) http://www.fritz-performance.de/en/and Ieva Savickaitė (LT) https://www.instagram.com/ievasave/, Larysa Bauge (BLR) https://www.larysabauge.com/, Teddy May de Kock (NL) https://lidl-ted.tumblr.com/.

Jolijn de Wolf

The poetics of thoughts – facilitated by the Mythological Institute

Ever wondered what thoughts would look like if they would leave our heads and materialize on paper? The Mythological Institute warmly invites you to join the one on one performance “the poetics of thoughts”, and offers you an opportunity to make a blueprint out of your thoughts. Come
and share your thoughts and stories with the Mythological Institute representative: Jolijn de Wolf. The Mythological Institute is a processual art project, aiming to facilitate a non-hierarchical platform for meeting, creation and knowledge exchange, using the institutional mechanisms in a slightly ironic way to construct a bottom-up structure. The mythological Institute is a research platform shared with the audience, to explore the meaning of present day myth-making and story-sharing.

Linde Gadellaa

I often start from traditional music, fairytales, (contemporary) myths, the people surrounding me and those I meet while travelling. I am looking for a moment where reality merges with imagination. For me reality starts with the other. I am looking for the other. Therefor I like to work in projects in which I need others helping me to fulfill them. Preparing, composing and directing moments in the finest detail –> and then time goes on.  With me on the side the work grows, by the people around it, the participants, the time or even the flood rising. The work goes beyond me, it becomes reality.

Yvette Teeuwen

Space within & around’

Body as Form
A vessel of silence & sound
sensitive movements
Voice explosion of life-power
coming from the 3D-cross of the spatial body

Micro & Macro
Vivid body connected through breath and being
with the silent-after-movements of the Big Bang
coverd bij the silent shelter-roof of the Universe


Sarah Atzori

I’m an Italian/Dutch visual artist mainly focussing on video performance and installation based on my personal experience which trough my ideas I make them universal. My work deals with music, theater, live performance and video-clips I’m putting myself in front of my memory, my complex as human been, my fear, my relationship with the society. Sharing protest with other people which like me have something to scream.

Heekyung Ryu

I used to recognize my existence and being, when I perform giving gifts especially which have a non-material value. Therefore I began to work on giving and exchanging my works with people. Also, I am interested in realizing “relationships” among people, invisible values and social interstice, which is regarded common but not feasible. What I wanted to give through these works/projects were time, devotion and attention and I tried to make people recall the values we might already lost. To specify, I have been working on values so called time. More on : http://www.mahku.nl/ma_studies/fine_art_student_1352.html

Jürgen Fritz and Ieva Savickaitė

Jürgen Fritz was born 1958 in the Black Forest in Germany. He studied theatre and the science of music.

1982 – 1990 he worked as a theater director, curator and actor, since 1984 as performance artist. He is co-founder of Black Market International, since the beginning of this international Cooperation of Performance Artists with whom he works since 1985. He showed his performances in all countries of Europe, the USA, Canada, Mexico Asia and Australia. Since 2005 he lives as free lance artist in Hildesheim. Here he is co- founder of the International Performance Association (IPAH, registered association). He is the artistic director of the annual festival of performance art ZOOM!, co-founder and co-organizer of the Platform for Young Performance Artists and the IPA Summer. Since 1995 he is a lecturer in performance art at different Universities in Germany. He develops his work mostly site specific. His conceptual approach is characterized by an impressive concentration and precision. For that he uses simple materials such as bamboo sticks, a bell or marbles with which he creates inspiring pictures. Performances with simple musical instruments have become an essential component of his work in recent years. His performance of “ringing a bell in dialogue with …” he performs since 2008 with traditional musicians from Europe and Asia.


Larysa Bauge

“For me every performance is a personal investigation into certain states and conditions that a human is subjected to. It is a chance to cross borders and redefine connections between people through transpersonal symbolism of movement, presence and space awareness.

I am fascinated with the collective imagination. By analyzing my own cultural background and its consequences, I attempt to create pieces that are rather transcultural in a sense of being emotionally recognized by any human in spite of the background or individual purposes.

In my opinion, the participatory, emotional response, a sort of awakening is what becomes very important nowadays, both in arts and in daily life. To accomplish the vital redefinition of “what makes us human”

I propose to look for common ground between us, to be aware, to reevaluate and to act upon”.


Teddy May de Kock

the Bold & the Beautiful

In mijn werk onderzoek ik hoe je de ambigue verhouding die men vandaag de dag heeft met thema’s als ‘het ego’, existentialisme, eenzaamheid;
vormgeeft via life performance. ///Mijn performances zijn altijd anders /// net als repetities /// het onderzoek is nooit af /// daarom is het altijd weer een groot avontuur /// Op ‘het podium’ (of waar ik dan ook ben..) speel ik zichtbaar met theatrale tools (rookmachine, profile lampen op statief, microfoon, personages, dieren, video, tekst, etc.) waarmee ik het publiek uitdaag mee te denken of er iets in de buurt komt van hoe we ons werkelijk voelen. Tegelijkertijd is die ambiguïteit erin te vinden dat de magische wereld ook wel echt ontstaat en de personages en atmosferen steeds gekker maar ook geloofwaardiger, ‘echter’ en radicaler worden.

Het is een spel tussen het mooie contrast tussen het ‘artificiële’ en het ‘echte’, het ‘oprechte’ en het ‘manipulatieve’ waar we in deze tijd erg tegenaan lopen en waar het medium ‘theater’ / ‘performance’ zich natuurlijk helemaal in uit kan leven.


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