Carol Montealegre (Bogotá, Colombia) is a performer, video artist and filmmaker. She works with mixed
media and analog film for the development of site-specific work.

While studying Anthropology, she discovered contemporary dance by chance and felt the need to fuse the
visual arts with the body. Through her training in contact dance, improvisation and physical theater, she
realized that she wanted to develop a conceptual and experimental approach to movement. In 2010, she
studied in Mexico receiving an MA in visual arts for her thesis The permanency of the ephemeral in which
she sought to rescue the existential sense of time as an experience of a permanent present that tends to be
forgotten in our becoming and remembering. Performance is a potent force in that reconciliation.
In her work she desires to do the following:

-Bring together an attentiveness to place, an austere command of physical movement and tension, and a
generous engagement with the dynamics of the personal and impersonal.

-Create an experience approaching collective trance, in which the restrained and finely honed intensity
spills into a heightened intimacy, touching and changing everyone present.

-Improve the ability to affect how others view the world and operate within it with profound endurance and
grace, motivated by a generous approach to human interaction.

-Experience another world together through thought provoking events, overriding the idea of performance,
and causing people to submerge into reality.

-Take challenging political ideas and create beautiful and bizarre still images from them.

-Make objects become extensions of the body rather than filling props.

-Develop the ability to create surrealistic images out of nothing.
She has studied and collaborated as performer and choreographer and film director with artist as Jürgen
Fritz, Elvira Santamaria, La Pocha Nostra, 2 boysTV, Lorena Wolffer, Leo Kay, Julian Zuluaga, Kristin
Reger, Rebeca Medina, Luis Guizar, Lindsy Druri, Tina Dillman, Eric Hoegemeyer, Marshall Astor,
Marissa Magdalena and many other artists.

Her work has been performed on the street, in art festivals, in galleries as well as other non-conventional

spaces such as apartments, parks and warehouses.

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