Christian Bujold_FADE_.Sveltlana Lopato 2018

Christian Bujold is a multidisciplinary artist interested by performance, intervention, manoeuvre, video and drawing in order to explore the various relations between bodies, spaces and contexts. Since the beginning of its artistic practice, the ideas of traces and apparitions of the body are central. Through different strategies of incarnation, dissimulation, representation, interrelation and responsiveness, he seeks to engage participants in instinctive and somatic experiences. Those opened performances unfold without scripts as the outcomes are determined by the engaged relations.

He tends to explore different themes like death, memory loss, disappearance or evanescence of the mind and body, the search of the self through the search of the other or the capacity of the body to act upon his environment. He likes to deal with the notions of effort, endurance and to work to execute given tasks in order to jeopardize the idea of control. Christian Bujold wishes to question everyday behaviours and interrelations in order to explore their psychological roots and to «defocus» our habitual perspectives on daily life.

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