As an artist, I am essentially interested in creative communication between artist and

The importance of interpersonal communication is better understood when we look at
societies that do not make it healthy. In these societies, behaviors such as understand each
other or respect each other are not often encountered, and the limitation of freedoms becomes
normal. When these limits are exceeded, behavior that damages social communication is seen.
Exclusion from society and violence can be given as an example. If you are growing up in
such these society and if you are a woman, living is twice as hard for you. As a performance
artist I am increasing this difficulty a little more. In my work, I focus on the inequalities
applied and negative meanings uploaded against women by society. I am emphasizing on the
woman perception that is being questioned and associated with wickedness (even pure evil)
while trying to exist within the masculine system which herself still can not get an equal
place. The evil woman perception was created as the result of learning the process as if it
were the concept of learned helplessness.

I aim to break down these perceptions with the process in my works and immediately create
an equalizing discourse of perception of woman-man. It is a mission of my performances to
investigate not only the context of woman-man relationship but also to determine a viewpoint
covering all forms of relationship with human beings. Moreover, I think that simple but
intense suffering of daily life should become visible around the identity issue. It is my greatest
desire to create a process in which audiences from all walks of life can understand and
connect with themselves or with the artist or only individually.


Born in Istanbul in 1987, Gamze Ozturk is a performance artist, video and theatre artist based
in Istanbul. She holds BA degree in art management at Yildiz Technical University, where
she studied with notable artists, and curators such as Inci Eviner, Levent Calikoglu and Yusuf
Taktak. She performs with theatre ensembles in many national and international theatre
festivals and theatre halls. The artist performed her first performance project entitled ‘Zone’ (
written and curated by herself) in Venice, Italy. ‘Zone/ Pressed’ was selected as both of the
opening performances in Venice International Experimental Art Festival and Contemporary
Venice International Art Show by It’s Liquid Group. In 2017, she became one of the young
artists selected for the 5th Mamut Art Project who supported young artists in Turkey. Mamut
Art Project is the one of the biggest art organization in Turkey. She relates in her works to
gender and identity crisis, to the alienation that people face and the ordinary suffering of the
individual in daily life. Her recent work can be to manage communication between various
groups and to create a new and unique communication language with the audience.

You can see the written and visual contents of all your work with the links I share below.

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