365 Breathing / 2016

Tear drop

 <0> . Memory-giving 

I used to recognize my existence and being, when I perform giving gifts especially which have a non-material value. Therefore I began to work on giving and exchanging my works with people. Also, I am interested in realizing “relationships” among people, invisible values and social interstice, which is regarded common but not feasible. What I wanted to give through these works/projects were time, devotion and attention and I tried to make people recall the values we might already lost. To specify, I have been working on values so called time.

Meanwhile, I was confused about what I call time and space. Actually they are  staying as it is, what changes is our perception toward time and space. Through finding valuable meanings in time and space I want to create and share “memories” with participants of my work. I have made an assumption that people record their everyday life, and “the recording” can be divided into two portions, which are ordinary records and memories. Ordinary records and memories both are composed of perception of time, perception of space and state of mind. Even though they are both composed of identical components, conditions of their constituents are quite different. Ordinary records are unintentionally stored in our archive without consciousness, but memories are stored with value-added time, space and individually differing ‘state of mind’ which has an effect on the perception of time and space.

What are the valuable memories for people? I think the memory required for out of consciousness/unconscious to be alive. I could keep thinking about death as well. People frequently say that “life will flash in front of my eyes at the moment I die”. What memories would we want to recall on the verge of death? I believe life and death are inextricably bonded up to each other. In my point of view, the “death” means the state that people can’t produce or remember the memory themselves anymore. If it is so, I wonder what people would want to recall when they die. Whenever I feel near death, “the memories” let me be alive. My mother used to tell me to see the stars in the sky when I am confused with reasons for living. “the memories” are as beautiful as “stars”. I have been trying to find the ideal method for creating this kind of “memories”. As a result I came up with two primary methods, which are “multi-media”, and “spontaneous(voluntary) participation”.

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