ieva_savickaite Performance ‘growing still’, photo by Milda Vyšniauskaitė

Artist Statement

For me live art is a process in which one can “move” and “be moved”. “Moving” as an inner shift, sensorical experience that can be articulated into bodily knowledge. In my opinion, body has its own memory: memory is not only connected with the brain, it is a phenomena that every living cell of our organisms host. Memory comes from experiences and can be and are the key to transformation in a long run. I believe that technological evolution caught us unprepared for its attractiveness and now, in most cases, we are stuck with artificial experiences that leave us with an illusion of “moving”.

My experience with fire and water – their transformative powers – taught me about a continual change that is occurring in myself and other living matters. Observing and trying to “understand” trees I got to know that this change for different living species opens up in variant ways.

Now I am asking how inorganic matter experience time? How artificial intelligence experience time?  On which extent inorganic matter is leaving traces and influencing organic matter?

Ieva Savickaite ONO

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