Photo: Lorenza Cini
artist statement: Katya is a visual artists working predominantly in painting and visual art performance. She combines the language and materials of landscape painting, while disrupting traditional readings of this genre. Katya creates her paintings in digital plein air using the bright colour palette. The subject matter is anthropocene landscapes and the formation forces behind them – natural environments affected by humankind. Katya explores environmental disasters in different parts of the world treating these sites as unique nature-culture, landscape-human interactions. In her performance practice, Katya explores alternative forms of knowledge that go beyond thought, to understand the co-relation between body and reality.
short personal biographyI have a Masters of Art in Painting from UNSW Art and Design. I have been exhibiting since 2010 and presenting performance work in the last 2.5 years in Australia and overseas. In my work I strive to be able to find inspiration in and merge my art practice with my other work activities that are not ‘art-related’ – language translation of films about environmental disasters in Russia, work in remote indigenous communities in Australia, cultural heritage research in the Middle East, research into economic circumstances of practicing artists in Australia and so on. I was born and raised in Russia and now live and work in Australia.

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