Dona series Photography by Ines van der Scheer

b i o g r a p h y

Larysa Bauge was raised in Belarus and after studying fine arts, music and dance, got her BA as a classical musician (orchestra conductor/composer). She got her MA in T.I.M.E. – music and theater studies at the Royal Conservatory of the Hague.

Since early age she was interested in experimental music and art, composed her own music and performed internationally with multiple ensembles and orchestras.

Since 2010 in parallel with her music work she participates in experimental theater Medea73 and different performance groups as an actor. Since 2014 she creates performance art pieces and multimedia projects.

Bauge is currently based in the Netherlands.

a r t i s t   s t a t e m e n t

“For me every performance is a personal investigation into certain states and conditions that a human is subjected to. It is a chance to cross borders and redefine connections between people through transpersonal symbolism of movement, presence and space awareness.

I am fascinated with the collective imagination. By analyzing my own cultural background and its consequences, I attempt to create pieces that are rather transcultural in a sense of being emotionally recognized by any human in spite of the background or individual purposes.

In my opinion, the participatory, emotional response, a sort of awakening is what becomes very important nowadays, both in arts and in daily life. To accomplish the vital redefinition of “what makes us human”

I propose to look for common ground between us, to be aware, to reevaluate and to act upon”.

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