Larysa Bauge photo by Jurgen Fritz

Larysa Bauge is a performance artist raised in Belarus and currently based in the Netherlands. She graduated as a multi-disciplinary performer from T.I.M.E. department of the Royal Institute of Arts, the Hague.

Bauge’s artistic practice is characterized by its diversity. She was trained and worked as an orchestra conductor with such collectives as Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra (ES), the New Ensemble (NL), NEuverband (CH). She composed scores for dance and theater and worked as a DJ. She is also experienced in a theater field as an actress and participated in such festivals as Culturescapes (CH), Arena (DE), Stukafest (NL).

However it is the personal life experiences that she naturally cherishes the most : “By the age of 21 I ran away from the country, lived as an illegal immigrant, got married and divorced and experienced life on the streets. All that – while studying “the glamorous profession” of an orchestra conductor “.

For the past years her practice focuses on performance art as a way of combining past experiences and escaping the dogma in arts. Her most recent performance happened in Indian Himalayas, where she created a long durational piece on possible connections between nature and culture.

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