Meri Hietala, A La Toopi 2016

*Merri Hellisnt*



Meri Hietala is an multimedia artist currently based in Kouvola, Finland. She creates performances, site specific installations and sound art.

Hietala has exhibited in solo and group shows and created public installations, sound art and performance art actions in Europe and Australia since 2006. Over the years inspiring materials and such have been random found objects, wastelands, off cuts, dirt and organic ones (plants, humans, fishes) as well as fresh and endangered sounds. She explores inner and outer environments with physical and acoustic methods, and is working for the earth.

Artist Statement

“For me the action is exploring the visible and touchable landscapes of mapped trails and reaching beyond these societal tracks. Sniffing the story lines, composing auditive and etheric cosmograms, celebrating the diversity.

My mission is to challenge the structures, imported restricting behavioral manners for all the living hybrids, with time and squeeze  I let this borrowed multi-sensorial temple to sink and introduce possible unions with the eternal patterns, movement and systems.

Be – longing

Another kind of dream state. This applies in various levels when creating sounds and performance. At times these actions  can be installed into material communication.

Hearing the unvisible.

Caressing the waters of mother earth.”


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