21-24 May   Kromhouthal, Amsterdam

With immense pleasure P.S. PerformanceSite will take part at This Art Fair Amsterdam 2020 event.

P.S. will propose a selection of performer artists active in the Netherlands, in the constant research and innovation of performance art.

Artist list         

Biba Cole

Biba Cole creates performance installations that often seem to be fleeting. This gives her work a speed that playfully cuts through all kinds of cultural boundaries, and makes artistic possibilities unlimited.

Hanna Ijas

Hanna Ijäs creates performative installations on the imaginary border between theater and visual art. In her work Ijäs plays with language drawings and physical objects.

Ieke Trinks

Ieke Trinks is known for her performances with daily products and litter. In her performance Value Products (2015) Trinks researched and questioned the value of art by restoring the value of street waste and selling it as a work of art

Kamila Elżbieta Wolszczak

Kamila Elżbieta Wolszczak uses images and technology to connect with other people. This can be in the space where her performance takes place or with people literally on the other side of the world. As a result, Wolszczak leads the viewer on a journey beyond national and political borders.

Kateřina Konarovska

Kateřina Konarovska is an artist who transforms clothes into works of art and lets artists move in through that. In his solo performances he often creates installations with all kinds of attributes that have been developed in a picturesque way.

Pitchaya Ngamcharoen

Pitchaya Ngamcharoen uses different traditional materials from her native Thailand and gives them new meaning in his life in the Netherlands. In her interpretation, Ngamcharoen does not seek a translation of the material, but describes her experience in the materials she uses. Her performances are therefore an archive of the situation in which she finds herself.

Sarah Atzori

Sarah Atzori creates illustrations, installations, texts and music. She works on topics related to the contemporary situation and her reality using fragments from childhood memories and news stories from then and now.

Yeltsiny Stroop

During her graduation exhibition at the Willem de Kooning Academy (2019), Yeltsiny Stroop showed clay sculptures where she searches for her ancestors. Working clay for hours changes the structure and shape of the material.