Larysa Bauge

Dona series Photography by Ines van der Scheer

b i o g r a p h y

Larysa Bauge was raised in Belarus and after studying fine arts, music and dance, got her BA as a classical musician (orchestra conductor/composer). She got her MA in T.I.M.E. – music and theater studies at the Royal Conservatory of the Hague.

Since early age she was interested in experimental music and art, composed her own music and performed internationally with multiple ensembles and orchestras.

Since 2010 in parallel with her music work she participates in experimental theater Medea73 and different performance groups as an actor. Since 2014 she creates performance art pieces and multimedia projects.

Bauge is currently based in the Netherlands.

a r t i s t   s t a t e m e n t

“For me every performance is a personal investigation into certain states and conditions that a human is subjected to. It is a chance to cross borders and redefine connections between people through transpersonal symbolism of movement, presence and space awareness.

I am fascinated with the collective imagination. By analyzing my own cultural background and its consequences, I attempt to create pieces that are rather transcultural in a sense of being emotionally recognized by any human in spite of the background or individual purposes.

In my opinion, the participatory, emotional response, a sort of awakening is what becomes very important nowadays, both in arts and in daily life. To accomplish the vital redefinition of “what makes us human”

I propose to look for common ground between us, to be aware, to reevaluate and to act upon”.

Ieke Trinks


Order of things

duration: 35min.
As in the previous two performances (order of things #1 and #2) I start with a bag and take out a small audio-speaker-set and install it. I continue by taking object out of thebag until it is empty. This time I placed all the objects in a circle around me and recorded simultaneously my voice saying the name of each object. Afterwards the recording isplayed in a loop and each time by hearing the name of the object I pick it up and throw it in the air, each time a little higher. The order of the objects changes and during timespread over a large surface on the floor. Each object reacts in a different way, how it falls on the floor and by some the shape is changing. Each object requires another effortof treatment by throwing it and picking it up.


I’m a visual artist living and working in Rotterdam and Malmö. For the past several years I have organized the annual Performance Art Event in Rotterdam and worked in collaboration with the all-girl improvisation troupe, TRICKSTER. I have performed at international venues, including FADO in Toronto, Defibrillator in Chicago, and every sort of start-up, up-start occasion in Brazil. My recent works are Value Products, Rings, Variety Show and Performance Monologues. In Value Products I explore the role of a sales person in charge of her own merchandise. Rings, in collaboration with Bernard Roddyis about visiting, listening and recording doorbell sounds in homes of Chicago citizens. In Variety Show my focus is on the act of reproducing photo documentation of my past performances. Performance Monologues is a work in progress that started out with making audio recordings of artists describing one of their previously performed works. At the moment I’m using the material to retell the spoken descriptions to a live audience.


This 14 minutes video gives you a quick impression of my work. I made it for the purpose of accompanying an application to the Dutch Prince Bernhard Culture Fund. Here I searched for a format in which my performances and related art projects could be presented in such a way that my motives and thoughts could be included in a limited amount of minutes. The result is this video using video and photo documentation guided by my voice-over.

Heekyung Ryu

365 Breathing / 2016

Tear drop

 <0> . Memory-giving 

I used to recognize my existence and being, when I perform giving gifts especially which have a non-material value. Therefore I began to work on giving and exchanging my works with people. Also, I am interested in realizing “relationships” among people, invisible values and social interstice, which is regarded common but not feasible. What I wanted to give through these works/projects were time, devotion and attention and I tried to make people recall the values we might already lost. To specify, I have been working on values so called time.

Meanwhile, I was confused about what I call time and space. Actually they are  staying as it is, what changes is our perception toward time and space. Through finding valuable meanings in time and space I want to create and share “memories” with participants of my work. I have made an assumption that people record their everyday life, and “the recording” can be divided into two portions, which are ordinary records and memories. Ordinary records and memories both are composed of perception of time, perception of space and state of mind. Even though they are both composed of identical components, conditions of their constituents are quite different. Ordinary records are unintentionally stored in our archive without consciousness, but memories are stored with value-added time, space and individually differing ‘state of mind’ which has an effect on the perception of time and space.

What are the valuable memories for people? I think the memory required for out of consciousness/unconscious to be alive. I could keep thinking about death as well. People frequently say that “life will flash in front of my eyes at the moment I die”. What memories would we want to recall on the verge of death? I believe life and death are inextricably bonded up to each other. In my point of view, the “death” means the state that people can’t produce or remember the memory themselves anymore. If it is so, I wonder what people would want to recall when they die. Whenever I feel near death, “the memories” let me be alive. My mother used to tell me to see the stars in the sky when I am confused with reasons for living. “the memories” are as beautiful as “stars”. I have been trying to find the ideal method for creating this kind of “memories”. As a result I came up with two primary methods, which are “multi-media”, and “spontaneous(voluntary) participation”.

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Nina Wijnmaalen

Nina Wijnmaalen It isnt The Sun  Photo Moon Saris

It isn’t the sun but the moon that enlightens the objects of my dream

“Een familieportret, een samenkomst van grote mensen, kleine mensen, suikerooms, vaders, grootmoeders en diverse aangetrouwde lieden. Een stuk over u en mij en over hoe we het leven vieren, ons opdoffen, tooien en voortbewegen. Hoe we kussen, spelen, drinken en dansen, uit volle borst zingen, de gordijnen openen en liefhebben! Maar ook over hoe we vergeefse pogingen doen om elkaar te bereiken, hoe diep we kunnen haten, willen bezitten en de illusie van controle in stand willen houden. Hoe wij ons als kleine kinderen gedragen met onze valse bescheidenheid, steelse blikken, zoetgevooisde woorden en duivelse beloftes! Want u en ik weten beide dat het bloed kruipt waar het niet gaan kan en wij het noodlot niet kunnen ontlopen”

About NINA

Nina Wijnmaalen (NL, 1980) received her BA at Academy of Fine Arts (Minerva) in Groningen in 2007 in photography and video. After her study she joined several exhibitions and was represented by Kunsthuis SYB for a while. During her residency in Kunsthuis SYB in 2009 she started developing performances and since then followed intensive workshops by different performance artists and institutions such as Ivo Dimchev (Tanz im August 2010), Performance Art Studies (Rotterdam 2012), SNDO (Amsterdam 2013) and Trajal Harrell (Impulstanz 2013). Nina creates image-based performances where she focusses on the human and its daily behavior. Using images which are disturbing and seductive at the same time she creates a mixture of estrangement and reality. Therefore she uses elements from different disciplines; performance art, dance, (choir) sound, mime and poetry. Nina showed her work at Dansmakers Amsterdam, during the Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival, Tanz im August (DL), the RAW Art Festival, Groninger Museum, the ArtPie, Basis for Live Art, WHY NOT dance festival, performancefestival VERBO in Brazil, STANTSIA in Kostroma (RU) and during Salon-evenings she initiated herself. 

Within my work as performative choreographer I research the way I judge myself and others. I register basic thoughts: How do I respond to someone who looks different or deviates from the rest? Why do I feel uncomfortable in certain situations? Do I recognize myself in the behavior of the other? In my work I create a universe in the form of a microcosm or family biotope consisting out of different individuals and characters; a man, a women, children, a Korean, a transsexual, gay, straight. These characters stand as a metaphor for the complexity of interpersonal contact and the vulnerability of communication. The characters I portray have a troubled relationship with themselves, the other and their environment and make frantic efforts to reach each other and show us fragments of thoughts, desires and fantasies they have about themselves and the other. In this way they expose the (inner) struggle of the anxious and struggling individual.


Teddy May de Kock

the Bold & the Beautiful

In mijn werk onderzoek ik hoe je de ambigue verhouding die men vandaag de
dag heeft met thema’s als ‘het ego’, existentialisme, eenzaamheid;
vormgeeft via life performance.

///Mijn performances zijn altijd anders /// net als repetities /// het
onderzoek is nooit af /// daarom is het altijd weer een groot avontuur ///

Op ‘het podium’ (of waar ik dan ook ben..) speel ik zichtbaar met theatrale
tools (rookmachine, profile lampen op statief, microfoon, personages,
dieren, video, tekst, etc.) waarmee ik het publiek uitdaag mee te denken of
er iets in de buurt komt van hoe we ons werkelijk voelen. Tegelijkertijd is
die ambiguïteit erin te vinden dat de magische wereld ook wel echt ontstaat
en de personages en atmosferen steeds gekker maar ook geloofwaardiger,
‘echter’ en radicaler worden.

Het is een spel tussen het mooie contrast tussen het ‘artificiële’ en het
‘echte’, het ‘oprechte’ en het ‘manipulatieve’ waar we in deze tijd erg
tegenaan lopen en waar het medium ‘theater’ / ‘performance’ zich natuurlijk
helemaal in uit kan leven.

Sarah Azzurra



Sarah Azzurra this is NOT my name…I mean is not my real name… my name is Sarah Atzori..but this is already a long story.

I’m an Italian/Dutch visual artist mainly focussing on video performance and installation based on my personal experience which trough my ideas I make them universal.

My work deals with music, theater, live performance and video-clips I’m putting myself in front of my memory, my complex as human been, my fear, my relationship with the society.
Sharing protest with other people which like me have something to scream.