Unfortunately we have to cancel IPA The Hague 2016, because we did not get enough funding. We did get some and we try to get an IPA in 2017 in The Hague. It was a long and hard battle, but it was just not enough. We have good hopes for next year because we had a lot of support from the academy and TodaysArt festival and Stroom The Hague.!!

IPA The Hague

International Performance Art Platform in The Hague

IPA The Hague

This is a unique platform, in which a yearly IPA (two weeks performance masterclass) will combine a big show by the BMI (11 international artists) in which the participants of the workshop will integrate in the last weekend of IPA. This show and more performances by Dutch invited artists will be seen at the Todays Art weekend in which IPA The Haque is a “pereforie programma”. Four days of performances in variousity and screenings all in the amazing space of The Electriciteitsfabriek The Haque. Outside there will be pop-up performances in the city center and a Symposium at the KABK.  (artschool The Haque)


IPA The Haque contains;

  • 2 week masterclass by Jürgen Fritz (Germany), Boris Nieslony (Germany), Elvira Santamaria Torres (Mexico).
  • BMI performances and group-performance
  • performances by Dutch artists invited for the Todays Art Weekend
  • pop-up performances in the city center by participants of the workshop
  • Symposium at the KABK
  • performance workshops at the factory for primary school children
  • screenings and documentaries


The concept of the two weeks and everyone that is involved will be;

The Space Between


IPA The Hague: Organisation
Lisetteh, Creative Producer (  Jolanda Jansen, Creative Producer (  Fay Stevens, Curator (
In collaboration with, International Performance Association [IPA) ( Market International (, Today’s Art ( Electriciteitsfabriek (