photo: Kirsten Heshusius photographer: Jacques Martens

Performance Events The Hague

The organization’s goal is to have every year a performance event. P.S. creates space for a range of performance art practices. P.S. wants to give the opportunity to artists to deepen their practice trough workshops. P.S. wants to give the public in The Hague and The Netherlands better access to enjoy this art form and also provide the opportunity to experience this as an isolated form of art and not as a supporting program. For their projects P.S. is very concerned about finding inspiring locations to create an interesting dialog with Performance Art.

P.S. always focusses on art with content that gives the creation a deeper meaning, in terms of the subject but also through the imagination. Art that triggers the mind and creates contemplation. Performance art that is genuine and authentic, that has a visual quality in composition and in relation to the environment and that also could be radical. We are interested in art that resonates and triggers the mind and evokes different ideas when one reflects on what is shown. This can be done in many ways, and we exclude nothing: sound, light, technology, installations or nothing at all, just a body.

P.S. uses themes and guests that give the best input for research, insight and discussion. They try to make this accessible to the public and people who are less educated in this art form.

P.S. wants to delve into the creative research on a topic and the possibilities that can deliver it. P.S. wants to give people the chance to learn from each other. They want the event to be productive altogether, that it is valuable.