Tess Martens and Philemon Mukarno, Project ID, P.S., Maakhaven, 01-07-2019

In a 10-days intensive Residency Class, P.s. Den Haag provides for a space to develop solo and collective performances under the tuition of artist duo VestAndPage together with Marilyn Arsem, to be presented during the weekend July 5 – 7, 2019 in a public event. A collective performance opera, solo and collaborative performances by the participants and additional invited international artists, as well as lectures and an exhibition, happen in the centre of The Hague at the former school building De Helena, Stichting Ruimtevaart, and De Barthkapel, a suggestive old convent chapel.

Project ID In-Between Identities is a temporary creative community project aiming to face artistically the issue of the crisis of identity, working in performance art through personal and the societal conceptions of individuality.

Participating artists: Danielle Brans (NL), Carmen Lafran (DE/IT), Andrea van Gelder (NL), Albert Smith (South Africa), Hsiang-Yun Huang (Taiwan), Gamze Ozturk (Turkey), Ingrid Adriaans (NL), Lise BOUCON (FR/UK), Fay Burnett (UK), Tess Martens (Canada), Philemon Mukarno (Indonesia/NL), Larysa Bauge (BY/NL), Yvette Teeuwen (NL), Carol Montealegre (Bogotá/ Colombia), Yuki Kobayashi / 小林勇輝n (Japan), Diogo Angeli (Brazil), Carole Novak (FR), Emilio Rojas (US), Oozing Gloop (UK).



Danielle Brans (NL)

The strength and fragility of life fascinate me. I use performance and the physicality of the human body as a vehicle to explore emotions. In particular, the restrictions that life imposes on us as a result of pain or exhaustion intrigue me.

I investigate feelings by challenging my body to a point that is no longer comfortable. Sometimes, in order to confront a barrier, I blindfold myself, or impose a physical and mental constriction such as hanging myself in a harness. This limits me to move freely, for me it shows everybody has a certain background, patterns in life and physical borders, The harness represents this.
The choices I make about my clothing or the objects I use, have ceremonial references.
I research the extremities of physical and emotional duality. I take my very own strong and hard to deal with suppressed emotions and turn it into something graceful and elegant. An example of this is slowly crushing hardened charcoal with my hands, suspending myself from a beam and through the ensuing pain, creating a moving drawing with my feet.


Carmen Lafran (IT/D)

Berlin based performance artist, painter and writer from Italy. She started to focus her research on  possibilities and limits of both body and language expressions while completing a master’s degree in theoretical philosophy.

In her performative projects she brings together butoh dance, elements of nihon buyo, painting, rituals, art installations and post-structuralism philosophy.

Her movement research is strongly influenced by butoh dance, japanese avant-garde dance form also known as dance of darkness, and moved by the desire to go to the utmost limit of oneself, beyond given structures and the ordinary way to be: by exploring the way to empty the body from any signification and by opening a space of new possibilities, in which the main focus is not the esthetic of the movement but  the process of becoming and the transformative power of being in a fluid state of both mind and body.


Andrea van Gelder (NL)

Since her early childhood Andrea van Gelder is intrigued by messages that one has to read between the lines. Hidden messages, or signs and information that are not always straightforward or clear, nor for the sender or the receiver. Leading aspects in her work are contact, connection and communication. And Van Gelder typically offers an open invitation to explore transparent dialogues with the viewer. Whether it is sculptures, installations, prints, drawings, paintings or performances, van Gelder tries to communicate and show herself. Leaving both herself and the audience sometimes guessing what was really happening and what was really meant. This is her way of inviting the audience to read between the lines as well. Next to her study Van Gelder works as a Child and Youth psychotherapist in Amsterdam.


Hsiang-Yun Huang, photo: Catrine-Val

Hsiang-Yun Huang (Taiwan)

Hsiang-Yun Huang worked at Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab in 2018. Before working in the lab, she went to the Netherlands for her Master’s in Media Studies: Film and Photographic Studies at Leiden University which she graduated with thesis “The Treatment of Time in Cinema: A Case Study of Cinema of Long Take, Tsai-Ming Liang’s Stray Dogs (2013) and What Time Is It There? (2001)” employing a Deleuzian framework. She is active in areas of poetry, photography, filmmaking and contemporary performance. Notable projects she has directed include The Time is Out of Joint, a video art piece that translates the concept of Derrida’s notion of self and non-linear temporality into a story. Other projects she has worked on include Moving Landscape, an interdisciplinary performance that brings together a circus artist, performance artist, dancers and a violinist, exploring how to use translation as an artistic method. In 2018 she published her first collection of poems, entitled The Duration of Raining and is currently turning them into experimental films. 


Albert Smith (South Africa)

I am a nurse, a baker and a performer, Stand-up Comedian who enjoys making performances with bread and use it to tell stories about myself, growing up in South Africa and getting people to share their stories about life, growing up and life .I enjoy the challenge of creating pieces of work that bring people together and that allow people the freedom to share their life stories.I am industrious and have extensive experience in managing people and resources. I think I am a great communicator and inspire people to be their bestwell as a performer in Birmingham
(Feb 2010 – Present)Achievements and responsibilities: 
Lately I am involved in a project where I am teaching 15 people in a community to bake bread and link it development of entrepreneurial skills


Gamze Ozturk (Turkey)

Born in Istanbul in 1987, Gamze Ozturk is a performance artist, video and theatre artist based in Istanbul. She holds BA degree in art management at Yildiz Technical University, where she studied with notable artists, and curators such as Inci Eviner, Levent Calikoglu and Yusuf Taktak. She performs with theatre ensembles in many national and international theatre festivals and theatre halls. The artist performed her first international performance project entitled ‘Zone’ ( written and curated by herself) in Venice, Italy. ‘Zone/ Pressed’ was selected as both of the opening performances in Venice International Experimental Art Festival and Contemporary Venice International Art Show by It’s Liquid Group in the same year. In 2017, she became one of the young artists selected for the 5th Mamut Art Project who supported young artists in Turkey. In the same year, the artist took part in the ‘Duel’ workshop, which was organized in collaboration with IPA, PAS and Performance Site in The Hague and was moderated by artists Jürgen Fritz and BBB Johannes Deimling.

Nowadays, she continues her performance researches. She works both on the new performance project and on performative staging, she is trained by ‘Studio Oyuncuları’ under the direction of Şahika Tekand.


Ingrid Adriaans (NL)

As an artist, I am looking for the relationship between reality and art. A work of art is a secondary reflection of reality. What is it like when you place reality directly in art? In my installations and performances I use materials, objects, and / or simple daily actions in a different context, which gives them a different meaning. By performing small actions in an environment other than where they usually take place or by placing objects and materials outside of their “natural habitat”, I am disrupting what we consider normal today. This way I make the viewer more aware of time, place and the space of that moment. My performances and installations are inspired by my experiences in homecare and related to loneliness and relationships with each other and with the environment.



I am a multi-genres artist (performer and maker): theatre, dance and Live Art.

I’ve been trained in theatre at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Montpellier (National High School of Dramatic Art). Starting ballet in my childhood, I practice contemporary dance and improvisation with a wide range of French and international teachers and choreographers.

In parallel of a career as a staged actress, I started to develop my own work in 2008, which slid from a mix of dance and theatre into Live Art. In ten years, I’ve created a repertoire of about 10 pieces, shown in France, UK and internationally – London (The Yard Theatre, Steakhouse Live Festival, Wandsworth Fringe), Manchester (hÅb-Emergency18), Leeds (Live Art Bistro) and Edinburgh, Göteborg Fringe Festival, Montpellier (Mouvement-sur-la-Ville Festival) and so on.

I perform in non-dedicated and site-specific spaces, in a close/intimate relationship with the audience.

Using the body as main tool, all my work questions identity: who am I? And individual freedom: education, culture, history, gender, how to break free from all the preconceived definitions/norms?

From personal stories to common narratives, there is no limit (formal or moral) in my research, in solo or in collaboration. I’m going as far as my intuition leads me.

Unusual, odd, provocative and/or radical, baroque and surrealist, poetic, queer, peculiar… so is my work?


Fay Burnett (UK)

Recurring themes within my practice are questions of time, the role of the witness, my vulnerability as performer and the interaction of an audience. I strive to use art as a means to stimulate and increase stranger to stranger contact within my surrounding community. I aim to break down social barriers – in doing so, I am interested in working the natural behaviours that are then revealed. I seek through performance and the everyday, to practice ‘radical honesty’, bringing openness and truth.

I facilitate interchanging roles of performer/audience to develop an equilibrium of responsibility and authority within an artwork. Further, working an interactive three point exchange; artist/audience/artwork, each informs and aids the other.

I work wood, metal and plastic, as well as water, wind and light to create sensory environments engaging and revolving around the visitor who is incorporated in the piece; their voice, visionary perspective or motion activates the artwork. I see these works as sculptures in themselves and also foundations for further creation to occur there within – these spaces are created for people to act, do, express.

I use my body and experience as research tools, my method of research is activity. My practice is socially engaged: I interact with the audience directly.


Tess Martens (Canada)

Tess Martens completed her Masters of Fine Art focusing on performance art at the University of Waterloo in 2018. Martens facilitates an artist-run gallery, The Front Room Gallery, in Waterloo, Ontario and features visual artists monthly as well as bands, djs and poets. She is also part of the programming committee for CAFKA (Contemporary Art Forum of Kitchener & Area) and has a voice in selecting public art artists. Martens interviews artists for arts and culture blog, www.culturefancier.com. She is a Recreation Therapist and in her free time performs stand-up comedy, spoken word poetry and karaoke. She was shortlisted for 2018 Community Edition #Bestof Waterloo for Performance Artists.


Tess Martens and Philemon Mukarno

Philemon Mukarno (Indonesia/NL)

Philemon Mukarno, performance artist, was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. He studied at Codarts, University for the Arts in The Netherlands. He finished Cum Laude and received the Prize for Art.

Mukarno is a unique figure in Contemporary Art. The use of of his own body is one of his trademarks. The performances demonstrate in their own way his original ideas and his strife for intense expressiveness, in a language that does not refer to tradition. Each piece has a strong economy of Means and a strict control of Form. Means and Form are use by Mukarno in an elementary and powerful way.

His works are performed on International Performance Art Festivals as: Gamelan Festival in Yogjakarta, Indonesia, El Segundo Festival International Arte Contemporánea in Lima, Peru, Rotterdam Art Biennial, Internationale Studienwoche für Performance Art 2016 in Lunenburg, Germany ,Internationaal Gamelan Festival Amsterdam (IGFA) and Art Eterna Dubrovnik.


Larysa Bauge, Fitter, happier… July 2017, Photography: Baiba Yurkevich

Larysa Bauge (BY/NL)

Larysa Bauge is a performance artist raised in Belarus and currently based in the Netherlands. She graduated as a multi-disciplinary performer from T.I.M.E. department of the Royal Institute of Arts, the Hague.

Bauge’s artistic practice is characterized by its diversity. She was trained and worked as an orchestra conductor with such collectives as Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra (ES), the New Ensemble (NL), NEuverband (CH). She composed scores for dance and theater and worked as a DJ. She is also experienced in a theater field as an actress and participated in such festivals as Culturescapes (CH), Arena (DE), Stukafest (NL).

However it is the personal life experiences that she naturally cherishes the most : “By the age of 21 I ran away from the country, lived as an illegal immigrant, got married and divorced and experienced life on the streets. All that – while studying “the glamorous profession” of an orchestra conductor “.

For the past years her practice focuses on performance art as a way of combining past experiences and escaping the dogma in arts. Her most recent performance happened in Indian Himalayas, where she created a long durational piece on possible connections between nature and culture.


Yvette Teeuwen (NL)

Yvette Teeuwen lives and works in The Hague. She is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. Her work consists mainly of site specific works and also videos, photos, images, video, performances and live performances are part of her oeuvre. All her works are a quest for ‘the being of things’,and to visualise this for the spectator. Yvette often uses frames, “to conceal and reveal,” which makes the extraordinary in the ordinary more visible and tangible.


Carol Montealegre (Bogotá, Colombia)

Carol Montealegre (Bogotá, Colombia) is a performer, video artist and filmmaker. She works with mixed
media and analog film for the development of site-specific work.

While studying Anthropology, she discovered contemporary dance by chance and felt the need to fuse the visual arts with the body. Through her training in contact dance, improvisation and physical theater, she realized that she wanted to develop a conceptual and experimental approach to movement. In 2010, she studied in Mexico receiving an MA in visual arts for her thesis The permanency of the ephemeral in which she sought to rescue the existential sense of time as an experience of a permanent present that tends to be forgotten in our becoming and remembering. Performance is a potent force in that reconciliation.


Yuki Kobayashi / 小林勇輝, (Japan)

Yuki Kobayashi / 小林勇輝, (Japan-born Visual artist, Performance artist) uses his body to explore the neutrality of gender. Questioning racial stereotypes, looking into human relations. The resonance between restriction and fluidity in time and space. Kobayashi’s action-based performance seek to reveal the authenticity of the human condition, working with the unexpected and the spontaneous to discover the invisible. Questioning both power and restrictive social codes towards a more uncertain world of freedom and equality.


Emilio Rojas (US)

Emilio Rojas is a multidisciplinary artist working primarily with the body in performance, using video, photography, installation, public interventions, text and sculpture. As a queer latinx immigrant with indigenous heritage it is essential to his practice to engage in the postcolonial ethical imperative to uncover, investigate, and make visible and audible undervalued or disparaged sites of knowledge. He utilizes his body in a political and critical way, as an instrument to unearth removed traumas, embodied forms of decolonization, migration and poetics of space. His research based practice is heavily influenced  by queer and feminist archives, border politics, botanical colonialism, and defaced monuments. He holds an MFA in Performance from SAIC and identifies as a NAFTA baby. 


Carole Novak (FR)

Carole Novak studied Live Art and Performance Art in UK (Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow) after studying Theatre in France alongside a practice of Dance. She has worked in France and abroad – on various collective and personal projects – in particular, on her triptych Camera Obscura(2003-2012) which allowed her to explore ways to meet the audience in a very intimate manner, a one-to-one encounter which questioned her relationship with the gaze, intimacy and unveiling oneself.

For « Project ID – In-Between Identities » Carole Novak will continue working on her new triptych « SHIFT #1-solace #2-constriction #3-catharsis » which explores the processes of transformation. Started during the « P.S. – this is Live ! » events in The Hague in July 2017, then continued in various residencies in France, this new creation in 3 parts, still in progress, favors (like her previous works) a long-term, processed-based exploration – it will be confronted through the prism of this year’s « Project ID » theme ‘the crisis of identity’.
Based on Carole Novak’s intimate experience (burn-out and reconstruction), « SHIFT » detaches however from any pathos and has for purpose to offer a space to consider the processes of the mutation of the self which contains the seed for a profound mutation of the society – an evolution in which the relationship to oneself and to the other makes possible sensitivity, solicitude and benevolence. An intimate, immersive and meditative triptych using light installations, where words, bodies, and silences offer the possibility for increasingly sharpened senses experiences, which may allow for an internal transformative shift.