Giovanni Vetere and Lisanne van Brakel Pictures Jacques Martens

6-7 pm. start Festival Holaa! in the garden of Nutshuis with performances by Performance Site.

The opening in the Garden of Nutshuis The Hague could be perceived as a sculpture garden. People could move around the sculptures that where changing slowly.

Holaa Festival! Friday 7 to Sunday 9 July 2017

A journey of discovery through The Hague with contemporary art in the leading rol.

Festival Holaa! is an intimate, small-scale art festival in The Hague. Enjoy contemporary art, discover art in unexpected places and talk to the makers, experts and to each other. You can go alone or with the special guides, by foot or bike. Many locations are open in the weekend. Ask about the Holaa art work.

Performances by Philemon Mukarno, Lisanne van Brakel, Carole Novak, Danielle Brans, GAMZE ÖZTÜRK, Carol Montealegre, Andrea van Gelder, Giovanni Vetere

Danielle Brans

Andrea van Gelder

Lisanne van Brakel and Giovanni Vetere

GAMZE ÖZTÜRK and Carol Montealegre

Carole Novak

Philemon Mukarno


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