Live art presentations with an ongoing public program and online live streaming.
At De Helena, Helena van Doeverenplantsoen 3 Den Haag, 19.00 – 23.00 September 25th

During Hoogtij#62 https://www.hoogtij.net/       

P.S. Performance Site

During the live art event End-to-End, P.S. Performance Site (P.S.) investigates new relationships between man and object in the 1.5-meter society and in a globalizing society. How does our identity change and how do our international relations change.

Artists: Sarah Atzori with Grazia Gallo and Nina Lezaic, Biba Cole, Hanna Ijäs, Jolanda Jansen, Yun Lee (iii), Miranda Meijer, Ieke Trinks.


Program End-To-End
Miranda Meijer 19.00 – 19.25
Jolanda Jansen 19.25 – 19.50
Biba Cole 19.50 – 20.25
Yun Lee 20.25 – 21.00
Sarah Atzori, Grazia Gallo, Nina Lezaic 21.00 – 21.30
Hanna Ijäs 21.30 – 21.55
Lena Longefay 21.55 – 22.20
Ieke Trinks 22.20 – 23.00


More Info:

Sarah Atzori, Grazia Gallo and Nina Lezaic
​Title: ​Call me Beatrice:​ This live audiovisual performance is part of my project “On my way” inspired by the great book The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. In this project I identify myself as Virgilio the traveler. The intent of this project is to create dialogues with electronics and performances with different artists from the most diverse disciplines, Grazia Gallo Visual artist and Nina Lezaic are officially the first with whom I have the pleasure of starting this long journey, interpreting the character of Beatrice during a live audiovisual performance the product of an exercise in image and audio.


Biba Cole
Biba Cole (UK) examines the relationships between her own body, water, and writing, as vessels that are continually overflowing. Positioning failures as generative actions, she aims to give value to ​slippages​ from known languages. The moving body has no edges: it leaks, expands, and retracts.


Hanna Ijäs
“Stuck in the past with no grasp of the now and the future. Watching ideas, fantasies and bodies decay, through impatience, to think and assume, there is always somewhere better to be.”
Hanna Ijäs (FIN) is a visual artist working with performance, video and installation. Submission, conditioning and conformity in social behaviour at given frame work are recurring questions in her work.


Jolanda Jansen
“Paper doesn’t interest me because of what it is, but more of what it is not. Some say paper is a blank sheet, something that could become something new, or even a new beginning. It can be strong and fragile like a feather. It has the promise of meaning. I prefer to bring it back to its basic nature, to use it as a natural material, something that was alive, like coming from the wood of a majestic tree. It’s the same in how I like to go back to what it is to be human- our cravings, shame, fear, anger etc, but we usually don’t reveal so much.”


Yun Lee (iii)
Lives currently in The Hague, where they curate the lecture-performance series BARTALK and organize workshops at the intersections of art, music, and technology at the instrument inventors initiative. Yun Lee​ ​will be performing “Theme and variation for piano and tape” with Paul van Blockland. In this performance, a pianist plays a pre-composed piece on repeat while an assistant gradually wraps tape around the keys.


Lena Longefay

“To be is also to be against, to be in counterweight, for one to be it needs the other one. Life can’t be without death, shadow without light, trees without roots, fries without pindasauce, etc”. A lecture performance on counterweights, starring a certain amount of special guests.


Miranda Meijer

Choices. There are choices you make by yourself and there are choices made for you. Are there really?


Ieke Trinks

Rotterdam based artist Ieke Trinks largely focuses on performance art. In her recent works she reuses discarded materials, but also (re)uses (archive) material from other artists and makes this visible in a new context. Trinks is co-organizer of PAE (Performance Art Event) and member of the TRICKSTER performance collective.


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