Order of things

duration: 35min.
As in the previous two performances (order of things #1 and #2) I start with a bag and take out a small audio-speaker-set and install it. I continue by taking object out of thebag until it is empty. This time I placed all the objects in a circle around me and recorded simultaneously my voice saying the name of each object. Afterwards the recording isplayed in a loop and each time by hearing the name of the object I pick it up and throw it in the air, each time a little higher. The order of the objects changes and during timespread over a large surface on the floor. Each object reacts in a different way, how it falls on the floor and by some the shape is changing. Each object requires another effortof treatment by throwing it and picking it up.


I’m a visual artist living and working in Rotterdam and Malmö. For the past several years I have organized the annual Performance Art Event in Rotterdam and worked in collaboration with the all-girl improvisation troupe, TRICKSTER. I have performed at international venues, including FADO in Toronto, Defibrillator in Chicago, and every sort of start-up, up-start occasion in Brazil. My recent works are Value Products, Rings, Variety Show and Performance Monologues. In Value Products I explore the role of a sales person in charge of her own merchandise. Rings, in collaboration with Bernard Roddyis about visiting, listening and recording doorbell sounds in homes of Chicago citizens. In Variety Show my focus is on the act of reproducing photo documentation of my past performances. Performance Monologues is a work in progress that started out with making audio recordings of artists describing one of their previously performed works. At the moment I’m using the material to retell the spoken descriptions to a live audience.


This 14 minutes video gives you a quick impression of my work. I made it for the purpose of accompanying an application to the Dutch Prince Bernhard Culture Fund. Here I searched for a format in which my performances and related art projects could be presented in such a way that my motives and thoughts could be included in a limited amount of minutes. The result is this video using video and photo documentation guided by my voice-over.


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