In order to collect valuable ideas and information a Thought Wall will be created. Everybody is welcome to join in: the residents, public, visitors etc. There will be some questions asked and people can put their answers/opinions/observations (in a textual or any other form) on the wall. At the end of the week they will be collected and an online publication will be made. The Thought Wall would become a valuable reference and a document for further discussion. It will also serve as an inspiration for the workshop participants as well as a bridge between the performers and the audience.
Examples of questions: What does it mean poetic? What should art be about? How should artists express themselves? What are the important ways of future development for the arts? What is poetry in art?What is the most important subject for performance art? How can art be expressed through the body? What is poetic creativity? What is imagination? What is creativity today in 2017 for you? …

“The Poetic in Performance creates an unknown or verwondering for the audience and performer.”
“gesprekken over uien, ontspannen liggen in de zon. Gesprek op een bankje, Perfecte middag!”
“Poetry when you don’t need words”
“Performance can stretch the borders of my imagination.”


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