“Forgetting/L’oubli” is a performance, a micro-scale socio-political laboratory. We seek to interact
around this progressive process that increasingly characterizes the evolution of our society and
the world around us.
Is “forgetfulness” an unconsciously collective ritual, a sharing out of time, a transition to “here
and now”? It is perhaps, simply a temporal experience, in a given space, that impacts a whole
life, beliefs, and ideologies. “Forgetting” implies our gaze towards oneself and towards others; it
amplifies the sensation of absence or presence in an instant.
We want to share with others (the public / visitors) an obscure (black) space, to explore the
sensations that link time and body, memories and presence, memories and society, memories
and politics.

Sonja Berg is a French-German performer, living and working in Toulouse, France as well as in
other European countries.
She has been working in physical theatre, films and creates poetic performances, sound
installations and experimental films.
She is doing research on voice, body expression and the life of humans. Most of her work is
based on poetic images, poetry and the flow of subconscious worlds.
While working on social interactions for the new social and ecological paradigms she loves to
collaborate in intercultural contexts and enjoys creating for new spaces.

Ilias Liosatos is a Greek – French sound designer, musician and compositor.
He has been working on several multi-media projects, collaborating with artists of all kind and
exploring the social possibilities of sound art. He lives in Toulouse and works in France and in

Website: www.sonjabergblog.wordpress.com

Website: https://iliosatos.wixsite.com/ilias

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